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Tips for Easing the Transition When Mommy Returns to Work.

Going back to work is a time of great transition for both you and your baby. In fact, the entire family makes adjustments when maternity leave is finished and it is time to return to work. There are many things you can do to make these adjustments easier on everyone, in order to make it as smooth as possible. Here are a few things you may want to consider when you are headed back to work.

Do Trial Runs

Instead of spending all your time with your little one and then suddenly going to work, make the transition in small steps. If you have never left your baby with anyone, now is the time to get her (or him) used to you being gone for short periods of time. As your baby becomes more comfortable with the situation, you can leave her for longer and longer periods of time until you are at a place where she enjoys spending time with someone besides you for a substantial amount of time. This will also teach your baby the important lesson that you will always return for her.

Find a Childcare Provider You Trust

It is of utmost importance to find a childcare provider you trust. This individual will spend a large portion of time with your little one. You will want to feel completely comfortable with this fact. If possible, consider hiring a family member or family friend so you share a history with them and know that they love your little one as you do.

Find a Childcare Provider Close to Your Place of Employment

It will make the transition to work easier if you are able to have your child close to you during your working hours. You might find a babysitter who lives close to your place of employment. Some businesses even offer childcare in the same building you work in, which allows you easy and quick access. This way, you can visit your baby during the day, and even continue breastfeeding in a convenient way.

Consider Working Part-Time at First

Even if you are certain you will eventually go back to work full time, consider job sharing or going back to work part time for awhile. This will help you and your little one adjust to the changes involved in returning to work. Making a slow and partial transition is always helpful when big changes such as this are necessary.

Inquire Whether You Can Work from Home

In modern times, there are many ways someone can be employed. Even in traditional roles, companies are offering options to employees as an incentive to work for them. With many parents in the workforce, there are flexible options such as working from home part time and even full time in some cases. Know your options, and if you don’t see the job as fitting your situation perfectly, just ask.

Going back to work is not always easy, but there are many things that you can do to make it a more smooth transition for both you and your child. Follow these tips to ensure that you don’t learn a difficult lesson for any reason. You will be sure to pave a smooth path for your family on the road back to employment.

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